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Cops to Masquerade as Giants Fans in Frisco

Stadium Marshals? NFL security director Jeff Miller told the AP that if the security cameras or undercover police catch abusive fan behavior at Candlestick Park this weekend, they will be ejected. “We’ll be looking early on to identify people trying to do those things in the parking areas and take action to remove them,” said Miller. “We’re not going to be warning people inside the stadium. They will be removed.”

Oh, and cops will dress up as Giants fans:

More security cameras and undercover police officers will be in place to identify abusive fans. San Francisco undercover police will be dressed in Giants’ garb and on the lookout for unruly fans, and Giants ticketholders will be handed a card as they enter with details on how to contact police if they feel threatened. Season-ticket holders have been warned to follow the NFL Fan Code of Conduct.

Nicely done. Nicely done. Hopefully stop nonsense like this.

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