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Mike Francesa isn't wild about YES Network's research department

Phil Mushnick today on Mike Francesa on Bryce Harper v Mickey Mantle authors:

Still, day in, day out, there’s no one more full of it — and the last to know it — than Mike Francesa. Tuesday, he condemned Nationals rookie Bryce Harper for excessive cockiness, even knocking the fact that a book already has been written about him.

But when a caller told him that Mickey Mantle had a book about him out in 1952, after his first full season with the Yankees (the caller was slightly off, ’52 was Mantle’s first full year, the book was published just before the start of the ’53 season). Francesa insulted the caller as a know-nothing, authoritatively insisting that no such book existed.

Later, when Francesa learned he was wrong, he went into his dishonest, excuse-filled Al Alburquerque dance, even changing the earlier caller’s words to suit his porous self-defense. He would not — could not — admit that he was wrong. Again.

"YES gave me the information. I didn't even get the information. I didn't make it up. I didn't get the information. YES gave me the information. They told me. You people are crazy." Mike Francesa

Nick in Babylon. Doing God's work.

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