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Mike Francesa, Family Guy, on Boomer & Carton Today

Mike Francesa joined Boomer & Carton this morning as part of WFAN's 25th Anniversary festivities. Prior to coming on air, we asked, "Expect the Mike / B&C interview to underwhelm or does CC stay on Haney/Sterger levels?" Jerry Recco asked mid-way, "You listen to this interview with Francesa and you wonder why there was ever any animosity." Our answer? "Because many listeners are stupid and take everything literally."

Folks really expected Haney/Sterger? The interview sucked? Listen again. You just witnessed an experience. Mike Francesa, Family Guy. (Via MF)

The unanswered question -- if 'Grumpy Mike' is an act -- why did Eddie Erickson say it is not an act when it comes to underlings. There is the one true question we feel was dropped. "Why do you treat your staff like you do?"

But hey, they're on with him later...that would make even more sense.

Stephen Keane added, "The Francesa/Boom/CC was what it was celebrating 25th Anny of WFAN of course no pro wrestling drama."


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