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Clary, US Swimmer with No Gold, Calls Out Michael Phelps as Lazy

Michael Phelps admitted he put on 25-pounds too many after the 2008 games. First-time US Olympian Tyler Clary, who will compete with Phelps in London in the 200-meter butterfly, says Michael is still lazy:

“Basically, he [Phelps] was a swimmer that didn’t want to be there,” Clary told Jim Alexander of The Press-Enterprise. [Phelps and Clary swam together at the University of Michigan from 2007-08] “They can talk about all of these goals and plans and preparation they have. I saw it. I know. It’s different. And I saw somebody that has basically been asking to get beat for the longest time.”

“The fact that he doesn’t have to work as hard to get that done, it’s a real shame,” Clary told the paper. “I think it’s too bad. You see that all too often, where you get athletes that are incredibly talented that really take it for granted. I think the things he could have done if he’d worked as hard as I do would have been even more incredible than what he has pulled off.

“You see it a lot in sports and it’s always the same story. Reporters come to them and they say, ‘Oh, yeah, I work so hard, I have all these goals … blah blah blah.’ You go and actually watch any of those people for just one workout, without them knowing you’re there. All it takes is one workout, and you can easily see it’s a whole difference as far as work ethic goes.”

Phelps beat Clary in the 400 individual medley, Tyler's best event, in trials... leaving just the 200-meter butterfly for the head-to-head match-up.

Michael, the 14 time gold winner, is targeting another 7 in London.

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