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Ralph Lauren Announces $1,000+ US Olympic Outfits (Complete with Beret!)

Ralph Lauren tweets "We are proud to unveil the official @USOlympic Team Opening Ceremony uniforms." Yahoo's Chris Chase was kind enough to run down just exactly how much it will cost if you want to dress up like your favorite Olympian:

Team USA classic-fit shirt: $89.50
Team USA flat-front trouser: $295.00
Team USA silk tie: $125
Team USA grosgrain belt: $85.00
Team USA nubuck uniform shoe: $165.00
Team USA ceremony beret: $55.00
Team USA double-breasted blazer: ???

Total: $814.50 -- If the pants cost almost $300, it's safe to bet that the jacket will go for much higher.

Definitely a safe bet as the women's Team USA ceremony blazer runs a cool $598!

The company said in a statement the outfits aim to embody "the spirit of American athleticism and sportsmanship."

Go ahead now -- show your USA pride by picking up a pair of three hundred dollar pants.

The closing ceremony? Good thing it will take place before Labor Day.

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