Mike Francesa talks about Hurricane Sandy, NJ's water issue, the Dead in SI and the NY Marathon

Mike Francesa at his best. Pointing out the absolute stupidity of Mayor Bloomberg (who took credit for canceling the Knicks / Nets game tonight when we all know the Boomer & Carton program got that ball rolling) and officials of The ING New York City Marathon keeping the event going while they're still searching for dead in Staten Island and NJ is running out of water!

Later, Kerry in Old Bridge thought it would be a good idea for the race to continue because NYPD would be earning OT pay for what is a light job! No thought to the fact that NY's first responders could also be given a chance to sleep or be focused on more important tasks! No, Kerry thought cops would ENJOY THE BREAK OF WORKING A MARATHON!

My God. The fact that folks like this exist boggles the mind. The same folks who didn't gas up and who didn't have cash on hand.

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