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BUD LIGHT® will have a tough time Using Mike Francesa's Super Bowl Miscount as a Promo

When Mike Francesa's disinterested arrogance caused Chris in New Haven to win a trip to the Super Bowl sans a tough audio question and then without a hardy congratulations, Chris wasn't the only winner. We all won.

Phil Mushnick described the event this morning:

Has there ever been a more foolish, self-important, self-exposing blowhard than Mike Francesa? What Francesa did on the air late Thursday afternoon is, even by his standards, colossal.

He wrecked his own annual Super Bowl trivia contest! He was so impatient and annoyed with a contestant, rudely talking down to him, that he lost count of the number of questions he had asked. Francesa was so stuck on himself, he didn’t realize the caller had won his contest!

Then, when it was revealed to him, he went into an endless, convoluted, repetitive self-defense, thus, as always after pinning himself in a corner, making an extra spectacular fool of himself.

Francesa, who sounded bored and distracted, thought the fellow had answered three questions, rather than the game-winning four. His haughty disregard not only overrode the big, fanfare moment of a two-week contest — eliminated build-up to the big moment — any taped promotion of the happenstance will be lost to Francesa’s maltreatment of the winner and Francesa’s disinterested arrogance.

Here the sponsors of a big-ticket contest had a live, on-the-air winner, and the show’s self-afflicted host made those moments useless. He’s a genius! No one comes close!

"Which Super Bowl head coach was the first one to come back as a broadcaster in the Super Bowl IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE HE BROADCAST THE GAME coach, ok JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION?! Jeeze"

The answer is Hank Stram, that is the question. 2 up and 2 down

What number are we on Mike, 3 or 4? "THIS IS NUMBER 3."

I don't know why that would be question 4, it's question 3.

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