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WFAN's Evan Roberts' "Moment of Irony"

Let's be honest, we get enough sports before and after the Joe and Evan show on WFAN to watch listen in every day (have to do hot-tub soaks, work outs, early lunches...and they rarely provide anything worthy of note) -- so a big h/t to reader 'KC' for sending in today's Evan Roberts MOI:

"Speaking of irony in the NBA! Friday the Nets blow out the Suns while the Bulls beat the Knicks. Then Saturday the Suns go into Chicago and blow out the Bulls! Oh man!"

We know, you couldn't care less but following that bit of awesome radio, partner Joe Benigno chimed in on the Jets GM search. Specifically Steelers executive Omar Khan.

"Didn't I hear that Kahn is more of a cap guy?" Nope, more likely read it.

It appears the Jets are unsure of what they exactly want in their new GM. Angelo and Cohen both come from a personnel background. Khan is more of a salary cap/contract negotiator for the Steelers.

Up next? Mike Francesa explains how on Friday during his picks he knew it's gonna be 3 degrees in Denver with the wind chill but no wind so no issues for Peyton Manning and then on Sunday: "Yesterday I noticed it was going to be colder, maybe zero with the wind chill and I starting telling folks this could be an issue for Manning."

A bit like when Mike discussed pinch hitting Raúl Ibañez with everyone right before Girardi made the call.

You know who did the artwork.

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