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Joe Benigno FUBARED his & Evan Roberts' MSG Network Opportunity

Joe Benigno asking for extra time from MSG Network Thursday as he and Evan Roberts closed the show filling in for Boomer & Carton will forever go down in the annals as one of the most ironic, boneheaded moves by a talk show host. Why? Because of the way Benigno opened the show.

Joe was just a few minutes 50 seconds into the beauty of a Joe & Evan simulcast on MSG when he bitched about makeup. Paraphrasing (because the tapes were likely destroyed by WFAN): "I hate having to get makeup on to do radio. I'm here early anyway but to get here and have to have makeup applied...for all of MSG's 11 viewers! Brutal." "I think there's 11 people that are actually have tuned into on MSG and are watching us right now...It's a good thing that the makeup girl is attractive..."

Yeah, well -- Bob's Blitz moles indicate, and we can let you know today, that Madison Square Garden executives were not happy. Pissed may be a better description. The Joe & Evan show scheduled to be broadcast on Friday via MSG was immediately cancelled. We tweeted:

So, as @WFANAudio retold: "I nevah studied.The least amount of work I could do, I would do." - Joe Benigno, proud graduate from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting." Joe got his wish. Benigno got his big break in radio in 1994. In 2013, he killed his big break in TV.

And today, B&C immediately ripped him for it.


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