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Francesa tells Long Island Pulse that Joe & Evan, B & C tweet because they have no ratings

Long Island Pulse writer Brett Mauser asks Mike Francesa, "Joe and Evan tweet. Carton and Boomer tweet. Even Chris Russo tweets. You do not. Why?"

Francesa: I’m not a Twitter guy. I don’t believe in it. I think it’s a big problem for people. The last thing someone like me should do is Twitter. I’m on the air for 5½ hours a day. I ask people to come listen to me for 5½ hours, to hear my opinions. And then to bombard them with my opinions when I’m not on the air, to me, doesn’t make any sense. I want people to have to come to my show to hear me, and fortunately they’ve wanted to do that all these years. These people who have a show and do that have no ratings.


Mike hates the Twitter. He'll just spread the rumors himself. Like the one that he's #1. He's not. Not even #1 at his own station.

Francesa was also a big athlete in high school, apparently. Asked about that he dropped an "I played everything" before completely answering a question that was never asked -- basically, "How did you get into radio?"

I played everything, but baseball was my best sport…I went to the University of South Florida as a freshman and tore my knee up playing ball and that’s when I transferred back to St. John’s. I went into communications and they’d also started a program called sports administration. My mother wanted me to go into law school, to become a sports attorney or an agent, but I was recruited to this program and I was one of its first-ever graduates…They did have student radio at St. John’s, but I had to work to support myself. I didn’t have time to do radio. I went to school from 7am to noon and then I worked. I actually had an internship with the New York Sets of World TeamTennis and I was offered a full-time job there, but I knew that tennis wasn’t my life. I’m a football, baseball, basketball guy. I didn’t know I was headed into sports talk, but I was at CBS behind the scenes and then my career really started to take off.

We hear he was a helluva diver.

Long Island Pulse...The Raconteur Mike Francesa is at the peak of the sports radio pyramid

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