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The Adam Ezra Group The Devil Came Up To Boston Lyrics

Here's the lyrics to the Adam Ezra Group's The Devil Came Up To Boston

The Devil came up to Boston, he was lookin’ for some balls to break
He just got in from Quincy, where he’d rained out a lobster bake
At the Copley T he saw a kid sawin’ on a fiddle and smoking a butt
The Devil jumped up on a globe dispenser, said dude let me tell you what

I bet you didn’t know it kid, but I can fuckin’ strum
You may think you’re all hot shit but you’re just a fuckin’ bum
I’ve rocked all the hot spots from the Garden to the Wang
I’ll bet a lotto card and a pack of Marlb’s that you can’t fuckin hang

The kid said my name’s Sully and you’re a stupid fuck
But if you wanna party, I’m game to earn a buck…

Sully rosin up your bow and play your fiddle hard
Shit’s going down in Boston and the Devil deals the cards
You could win a lotto card and pack of Marlboro’s
But if you lose the Devil gets your soul

The Devil opened up his case and said I’ll fuckin/ start
Fire shot from his finger tips, damn that shit was hot
The screech across the strings got the subway cops all pissed
Then the Dropkick Murphy’s showed up and it sounded something like this...

Sully said good job, but i hear that shit like every hour
I’m gonna rip it up now, then you can take a fuckin’ shower

Oil in the harbor, watch out sailor
Bringing’ in steamers on a Boston wailer
Cocked in Mattapan, stealin’ a truck
Yuppies in Southie, what the fuck

The devil shouted pissah cause he knew he’d just been tossed
He started chuggin’ vodka to soften up the loss
Sully shouted, “Devil come on back if you ever wanna press you luck
I told you once you hard on, you’re a wicked stupid fuck.”

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