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The Reviews by Readers of Craig Carton's Book are Better than the Book Itself

Craig Carton's book, Loudmouth: Tales (and Fantasies) of Sports, Sex, and Salvation from Behind the Microphone came out today had its price slashed to $16.82 inexplicably raised it drops to 5,874 12,739 on Amazon's top selling list. Off to a strong start after we wrote, "Loudmouth delves deep into what drives a 'fucked up kid' like Craig Carton to eventually strive to be number one in radio....CC lets it all hang out... [Loudmouth] surely will be a bestseller." Will it have legs? Maybe. Maybe not. What it does have is one nice set of reader reviews:

Crickets @ Citi Field -- HELLLOOOOOOO! The next great author, nay poet, of the modern era that's who! Could not put it down from start to finish.

Joe B -- I read this last night and could not have been more disappointed. Carton is a loser. Go Al Dukes! Francesa is number one

Bobby R. -- Yeah I get that Craig Carton wrote a book...I GET THAT. But WHAT IS UP with his stupid face being on the cover??

Peter T Boyle -- He wrote a book. I get it. It's a funny book. I get that. But WHAT IS UP with the fat face close up on the cover?

Mewtu -- Right nowwwwwwwwwwwwww this book is ok. Id rather read a book on Al Dukes. craig made everything up and is lieing

Migraine -- Thank god this book comes in a hardcover, I had to knock myself out after reading the first 3 pages of the book.


Fitzo70 -- I have listened to this arrogant yahoo for like 2 months now...mostly because he rides the coattails of Boomer..Without Boomer by his side he would just be another watered down Howard Stern wannabe.He may be the most condescending ass on radio...with the exception of Mike Franscesca.His insight is extremely sharp with such crisp brilliant anectotes as stating that Suzyn Waldman belongs with the elites in sports radio announcers.Both Carton and Waldmanns NY accents are like fingernails on a chalkboard.Boomer is in a class by himself and doesn't need to enhance the career of this self absorbed chucklehead.But hey I hope he does well with his book because we always have the option to change the channel if we choose.

Joe 13 -- If you listen to the radio and hear the wanna be Adam Sandler talk, the book MATCHES your eye rolls. Pointless and uneducated, at least this wasn't an audio book... Borrowed this book from someone who terribly regrets his decision to purchase, I felt so bad for my buddy who wasted his money, I had to buy him MATCHES to burn it...

Chris Frankel -- With all the hype Craig Carton was spewing over the air I was expecting a much better read than what is actually there. Loudmouth for me was a complete waste of money and time. I like the guy, just not the book.

Coleen Frency 'Lysico' -- Fan of WFAN, the format and all that. But Carton's book is really horrible. Yeah, I read it.. Sorry I did. Can't take it back, and wish I could. Too bad anyone can "write" a book these days. Do not waste your time and money on this..

Mike T -- Gotta say am a big fan of the radio show but if you do listen to the radio show then you do not need to buy this book. Many of the stories in the book been told on air. And god knows how many hookers / penis/ drinking and getting laid story do I need to read about. The chapter about mike Francesca that I was most interested about was a disappointment as there was nothing new told. And oh god it just tells the story of every single Jew kid who grew up in nyc in the 70s . from the overprotective parent standpoint. What is up with radio hosts writing books that stink.?!

FrickMasterFlex -- Gotta love Craigy. Fun, interesting read, was not in love with it, but still enjoyed reading it. The man is also a CLASS act, and was amazing at his book signing in Ridgewood, N.J., taking pics with EVERY person there and signing each book. Wish he indulged more of what goes on day-to-day at WFAN, but perhaps that's for another book? Let's hope so! Would recommend to all WFAN listeners that listen to the station all day like I do.

Raylan Givens -- Reading sample now. Ultimately, he's a Howard Stern Wannabe. I know Howard, and you're no Howard. At least Craig's making a living as such.

MIKESON -- CRAIG CARTOON STINKS ON THE AIR AND HIS WRITING STINKS IN THIS BOOK. HES A WANNA BE HOWARD STERN, ONLY WITH NOT EVEN A 1/1,000,000 THE RECOGNITION OR 1/1,000,000,000 THE TALENT. MIKE FRANCESA RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BABA BOOEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mitchell E. Pak -- I'm a big fan of Boomer & Carton. I think Craigy is the perfect combination of Howard Stern and Chris Russo and he really knows how to keep a show moving. That being said, I was disappointed in this book. The story-telling was disjointed and rushed and jumped around too much. There were too many drugs, vomit and hooker stories and not enough radio background. How did Craig become so computer savvy that he was able to set up gambling websites on his own? What made him so popular in his prior markets? Did he have comedy bits, like Stern? Was he pure sports? What were his prior bosses really like? Was he ever censored on air? And the illustrations were confusing - what is that black floating thing attached to his headphones? Why no actual photographs? This is supposed to be a book about Craig's life and there isn't a single photo of him, his prior co-workers or his family anywhere in the book. And what is the story behind the names of his children - are they really called Mickey J., Sunny D. and Lucky? If not, why the aliases?

I also wanted Craig to discuss the "La Cuca Gotcha" incident that happened in 2007, when he was still doing Jersey Guys. Seems Craig and Ray Rossi wanted people to report suspected illegal aliens to the authorities and called the program "La Cuca Gotcha". Hispanic groups railed against Craig and the show but he claimed to have done nothing wrong. He doesn't even mention this incident in the book. Booshie, Craigy.

In sum, I really wanted to love this book. I only liked it. Sorry Craigy, I'm disappointed.

Ann Marie Cofone -- Loved every minute I read it. Proof that determination and knowing what one wants really pays off! Very well edited too, i only came across 2 typos.

Ramsis Lion "ramsislion":

Here it is. The book that WFAN's own Craig Carton has been milking, plugging, mentioning, and shoving down our throats for months on end as the must read experience as told by him. Everything and anything you wanted to know from him that he can't talk about on the air. The tell all that all fans of his and New York Sports must get and read.

Well I did get it and read it. As a loyal fan of WFAN and its shows, I couldn't resist learning more about the man and his experiences as I listen to him daily on my trek to work.

So after all his build up and hype on this book, with the long title of "Loudmouth: Tales (and Fantasies) of Sports, Sex and Salvation from Behind the Microphone" (rolls right off the tongue don't it?) does it live up to all the hype and wait? Well of course it doesn't. But that doesn't make it a bad read either.

Lets get one thing straight here. Craig Carton is no Howard Stern. When Howard wrote his books, (whether it be Private Parts or Miss America,) those books were funny, informative, flowed well and made one laugh out loud at almost every moment. With Craig's book, you get some 'ha ha' moments and some grins here and there. But that is where the connection between the two ends.

Craig is his own biggest fan. And love him or hate him he stands firm to his belief's and opinions on things. Whether it be bashing his fellow hosts on WFAN (which he does often, holding some sort of grudge that they didn't all instantly love him the moment he set foot in the studio) or his various sports knowledge (dealing with teams, players and all the various sports to discuss both popular and otherwise) and of course sex, sex and more sex with a touch of potty humor to even things out.

I'll admit its a fun read and you do get inside of his head a bit and see what he is really thinking of others and things that he probably would like to say but can't on air, must have been a great release to put it all in this book for the masses to finally see what he has to say.

But with that all said, I still don't feel like we know the guy after reading it. It came off as a disjointed, random flowing, with Craig telling various anecdote type of stories that I myself just wasn't that interested in as much as I wish I was. Jumping from subject to subject and not really talking about his own life but just about his own opinions or stories that he feels we the reader may enjoy. I guess if you are a fan of sexually related stories have I got the book for you. He seems a bit obsessed with stories about hookers to say the least.

If you want to learn about his career in radio, his upbringing or his day in the life at WFAN, like other radio based books will do, this won't fulfill that at all. Mr. Stern, who Carton is trying to emulate in many ways, knew how to go about it with keeping things related to his life, his career, and where he came from and what goes on in the process all the while , with a bit of humor and side story and funny situation mixed in. I read this whole book and I still don't feel like I know more about Craig than form my listening to him for 5 years on the radio. I kept going through chapters waiting for those parts to show up. They never really did, just in the most vague of moments here and there.

Its not even that I wanted more, as the length of the book was more than acceptable, its that I wanted more substance and less T & A as if all reading this were young easily excitable males who want to get stimulated reading this or something.

As a fan of his and of WFAN, I'm glad I read the book even with the few negatives found within. Its an interesting read and he has some fun and unique views on things. And above all, he does come off as more of a regular guy than some of the other hosts on WFAN (with my enjoying and liking each and every one of em even if Craig doesn't) who do seem too cool for the room at times. Craig though is humble and you will get some laughs here and learn some fun thoughts going on in his head. It definitely was not worth the wait and hype and it really needed more polish before it was released. It had that 'rushed, I need to think of more things to put into this book' feeling to it when all he had to do was mix in some of his own origins, history and background and it would have been a nice complete read.

I say, check it out if you are a real big fan of his as its mostly a book for his fans and not just the general audience. And I think that's where he missed the mark just a bit. Oh well, maybe the book thing wasn't all its cracked up to be after all, but he still makes me laugh every morning on the way to work either way and that is not a bad consolation prize.

Oh, and more importantly? They've inspired Mike Francesa to write his own book. It's going to be the first ever autobiography in the fiction section.

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