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Tommy Dee is leaving The Knicks Blog...

The Blitz was introduced to The Knicks Blog's Tommy Dee (left) through his frequent appearances on Vs The Daily Line. We were there when he (along with Brandon Tierney) got his Emmy in 2011. And he stopped by to touch on Twitter fights and the battle between bloggers and the MSM (ie, Alan Hahn, Marc Berman, and Frank Isola) well as Craig Carton's parents.

Today, he announced he is leaving TKB.

I founded this platform with the idea that we’d battle the beat writers for reports and we’d add a unique point of view on the basketball side thus giving you a true one-stop-shop for Knicks information. We’ve broken stories, been credentialed and been given the opportunity to express our on court opinion and for all of these things I’m incredibly proud. In 2008 all the Knicks news was a conglomeration of negative pieces about how dreadful the organization is. I’ve always been the optimist and I feel like that message needed to be conveyed and has been.

I will do something basketball related soon and I’ll still be tweeting Knicks, you just won’t see me here after August 1st. It’s time to focus more on other aspects of my life that far more important. It’s been a great run…



Go get 'em Tommy.

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