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Jewish Craig Carton fears Mike Francesa forced Loyalty Oaths

Phil Mushnick wrote in 2001:

Several times in recent days, [Mike] Francesa and [Chris] Russo were able to put their fingers on the root cause of Sept. 11's terrorist attacks - Israel, U.S. support of Israel and, by extension, American Jews. Such an outdated canard was very interesting considering current world events that apparently elude Francesa and Russo.....

...But Russo and Francesa's most stunning moments, emboldened by the sycophants in their audience - the only callers who are indulged without interruption - came when they suggested that American Jews, on their program, submit to make-believe wartime loyalty oaths to either America or Israel.

Today, sitting with NJ Gov Chris Christie, Craig Carton started getting into his failed experiment - the annoying Mets fans for Yankees shtick -- when he mentioned that he was Jewish. He then admonished Christie not to mention such to Francesa...for fear of having to take a loyalty test.


WFAN employees past and present will tell you off the record that the tapes were destroyed. But they won't take the next step and give up a 'who ordered that' name. Was it Mark Chernoff? Chris Carlin? Francesa?

The closest proof that it was ordered and done is in the following video (watch Craig Carton's face). Often joked about on Boomer & Carton - this look is genuine.

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