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Craig Carton vs Momo who wants street honor for Mo Rivera

The momo who wants to rename River Ave. 'Rivera Ave.' because Mariano Rivera has pitched an inning a night better than anyone in MLB history came out of the basement to talk about his Mo crush with Boomer & Carton today.


Craig Carton: “Here’s what the average Yankee fan will tell you, if they’re being honest with you: Hey, if they did name it after him, great, all good. Love Mariano Rivera. Do they have to name it after him? No! They don’t care!”

Momo: “Can I ask you a question, Craig? Why are you so jaded about this?”

CC: “It’s not jaded. It’s stupid! The notion that because Mariano Rivera was a great baseball player, we now have to honor that career with a street, (it) doesn’t make sense. That’s why.”

MM: “Well, let’s talk about other situations, non-sports related.”

CC: “No. Why?”

MM: “Hold on a second. Renaming the Queensboro Bridge after Ed Koch — was that a stupid idea?”

CC: “Yes!”

MM: “Why do you think it was a stupid idea?”

CC: “Because there’s no reason to name the Queensboro Bridge after Ed Koch.”

MM: “I think there’s a lot of reasons. They should’ve and they did.”

CC: “OK. You know what you should do? I don’t know what you do for a living — that should be a new job for you, decide how we can name every street in the five boroughs after people that you liked. Yeah? Or no?”

MM: “I’m not gonna answer that question.”

Hey, ntil gay rights pioneer Mike Francesa gets his tunnel - stay in the basement.

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