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YES Network Dumps Mike Francesa for the $avings of the Michael Kay Show

After Mike Francesa pooped on CBS Sports Newtork, last week saying he'd never, ever go to the CBSSN -- news that YES Network is dumping him for Michael Kay leaves few options. SNY? If they have any interest in dumping money on the known Mets basher. Or, interestingly enough, to MSG... (We reported Francesa had reached out to the Madison Square Garden Network in the past and has relationships there from work there years ago.)

The NYDN reports, "A TV executive familiar with the situation confirmed the switch. He said the move is strictly a “matter of economics,” with the rights fee WFAN is asking for Francesa’s simulcast becoming too pricey for YES and far exceeding what YES will pay to air the simulcast of [Michael] Kay’s ESPN soiree. According to the executive nothing has been finalized: 'But it’s going to happen.'"

Francesa's contract with YES expires January 31, 2014.

Apparently, Michael Kay. Watched by dozens. And willing to debate 9-year-olds.

MSG. Wouldn't pay for Boomer & Carton but might they ante up for Mike? They'll get A-Rod, A-Rod, A-Rod.

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