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Do those 2 chuckleheads Joe Benigno & Evan Roberts share a brain?

'Smitty' emails: "Guys, do those two chuckleheads Joe & Evan share a brain? Yesterday, after both talked about how worthless a college degree is to work in radio...Roberts started talking Steve Masiello. His profound quote was, "When are people going to learn that the lie is always worse than the truth?!" It's cover-up!

Smitty, Indeed, it is. We heard the banter. Funniest thing following the no education stance was that they immediately followed it by going to Robert Boland, NYU Sports Professor of Sports Management (Bob has a BA and a JD), to ... talk sports. (We were unable to locate the tapes for you, sorry.)

You have to give the duo credit though. They're trying. Whether or not Evan now understands the definition of the word 'irony' remains unknown, however, he no longer uses it daily. And Benigno? After we wrote, "We're told WFAN tape guys love Benigno's seal act because removing 'right-right, yep-yep' for guest highlight cuts is so easy. (i.e., Joe right-righting over an answering guest makes for terrible/unusable website clips.)" We received this text from a WFAN source earlier this week: "Thks. Benigno actually trying hard to not speak over guests. Thank you!"

Listen to the interview with Boland right here. Joe is really trying!

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