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Of course you want this Steve Somers t-shirt

Our friends over at TARNATION! Sports have something for every Steve Somers fan - his likeness on a tee shirt.

New York, NY -- He has been known as “Captain Midnight”, “The Fearless Forecaster”, and more recently, and famously, “The Schmoozer.” Now Sports T-Shirt Company TARNATION! Sports is immortalizing New York S-P-O-R-T-S radio legend Steve Somers by releasing the only “Schmoozing” t-shirt and hoodie in existence, to go on sale online at 9:00 am on Monday March 10th, exclusively at the TARNATION! Sports website. Those who know from schmoozing however, can preorder through the website starting today.

The shirts feature the likeness of the iconic talk show host against the New York skyline with the words, “Schmoozing with Steve Somers” emblazoned beneath his glorious visage.

What, you don’t know from visage? Get yourself a dictionary already!

Originally hailing from the Bay area, Steve Somers once got into the ring with Muhammad Ali. He then decided to get as far from Ali as he could, and has been a fixture on the New York sports radio scene ever since.

That was 26 years ago. Somers, as a pioneer of 24/7 sports radio has since been featured on the front page of the sports section of the New York Times, and was named one of New York’s “77 Essential New Yorkers” by Time Out New York. He was also profiled on MTV News, was featured on the Television news program 48 Hours, and Bill Simmons’ ESPN website, Grantland named him one of the most popular hosts of the first 25 years at the USA's first all sports radio station.

TARNATION! Sports Director Doc Goodie explained,“We’ve been great fans of Steve’s for many years, and wanted to create something unique for both ourselves and fans of his. Originally we wanted to kidnap him and have him do his show from our basement, but that proved to be too much of a hassle. I mean who wants to have to go through all the trouble of renting a van, having to hire some burly henchmen, keep it all a secret, and then on top of all that, have to feed him! No, no, it would cost too much, so we did the next best thing. What? We made both a t-shirt AND a hoodie dedicated to schmoozing! We think we’ve captured Steve’s spirit, showing him bigger than the New York skyline, because he is larger than life itself. He is… THE SCHMOOZER!”

The “Schmoozing” t-shirts, starting at $19.99 and hoodies (at $34.99), will officially go on sale at the TARNATION! Sports website at 9:00 am on Monday March 10th, but pre-orders are accepted. Visit Tarnation to learn more.

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