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Idiots Mike Francesa, Craig Carton & Boomer Esiason said awful things about Daniel Murphy’s recent paternity leave

"Idiots Mike Francesa, Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason said awful things in reaction to the Mets’ Daniel Murphy’s recent paternity leave." That's what Dr. Scott Behson writes.

Boomer Esiason's "C-Section before the season starts, I need to be at opening day," didn't go over too well. With anyone.

Dr. Behson added, "Second, shame on Francesa, Esiason and Carton. Not everyone has to be on board with supporting fathers and families, I guess. However, it crosses the line to suggest that someone have an un-needed major surgery, with all of the attendant risks to mother and baby, to uphold some outdated model of masculinity. Simply disgusting.

"As a NY sports fan, I have listened to these guys a fair amount over the past few years. Never again. I’m done with them. We should all do the same."

Dominick L. writes to us, "Funny to hear Francesa compare his life experience of his wife's childbirth to that of a Professional Ball Player as if they're in the same world. I wonder how he'd think if his wife and newborn was 1200 miles away in Florida during child birth a la NY Mets Murphy."

YouTube commentators? Even tougher.

CBS, you're really putting this up on your own? You're proud of this?
Charles Marlow Stanfield

What morons these two are, Murphy has all the right to be with his wife and kid. 
Kel M

I hope these idiots get hit by a truck.
Jeremy Lee

But the true venom was aimed squarely at helicopter parent Francesa:

i dont have kids, dont plan on having kids anytime soon, but I totally understand any professional taking time off for a birth of their children...its easy to forget family in this day and age
Jonathan Cain

does paternity leave werry you? ah youah werried?
warren dubb

2 Games into a 162 game season, why not take a couple of days to be with your first child? Did they bring the Cavemen back and give them a radio show? Dumping on this guy over a few days off after he played in 161 games last year absurd to the highest level.

God help the Francesa kids. Meanwhile, Chernoff is probably laughing as he makes these comments. Disgrace.

Major props to Daniel Murphy for having his priorities in order. Sad that this jackasss (Mike Francesa) is actually a father. Guess it was more important to be on the air indefinitely than at that volleyball game, homework at the kitchen table, or kicking the hell out of your daughter's prom date, right Mike? Douche.
Thurman Reed

he's not yeumen
chris d

Hopefully Daniel Murphy confronts this guy. I love hearing radio show hosts get smacked down.
Bucaneer Bruce

What an insensitive asshole. Who are you to tell someone how or when to spend time with their family? Just because you care about yourself more than your wife, doesn't mean that everyone has to be insensitive and careless as you Mike, you fat ass! Who are you to condemn a man for wanting to spend time with his wife and new born you prehistoric barbarian! Go to hell you fat Guinea Mc!
George Tziokas


Big Mikey makes the point that similar to pro athletes, Mikey has a unique job that no one else can do and therefore he has to get back to work right away, rather than being with his wife and the newborn. Work calls, unless it's July and August when Mikey has to be at Saratoga, gambling many thousands of dollars on the ponies

This guy flips flops by the minute. Doesn't have facts, compares his life to someone else's life. A mets 2B can be replaced for a few days, gives someone else a time to improve/shine. A radio host can also be replaced. Your wife sent you back to work so soon, to not hear you ramble on about none important things, or she was tired of hearing your voice. 

Mike will not take paternity leave, but he will be out for the entire summer. I love when Mike makes it sound like he never takes a day off from work.

They wouldn't mind the time off if the child died, which is more important, life or death? Just another way to exclude the father from fatherhood. Glad I don't have to listen to this ass hole everyday.

Kid comes out, baby cries, doc cuts the cord, Mike promptly kisses his wife and newborn goodbye and says, "Back afta dis.

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