Remember yesterday when Craig Carton said one couldn't find $10,002 in $2 dollar bills? | Bob's Blitz

Remember yesterday when Craig Carton said one couldn't find $10,002 in $2 dollar bills?

Despite today stating that he'd never tell someone how to handle their money charity wise, yesterday Craig Carton said the Oakland A's were being a bit cheap when they handed Derek Jeter a $10,002 check for his Turn 2 charitable foundation. Boomer Esiason stated, "Maybe they should have given the 10k in $2 dollar bills." To which Craig replied, "They'd never find that many, they don't make them anymore."

In an unrelated story, Hornady Manufacturing in Grand Island (Nebraska) paid out $61,000 worth of employee bonuses two dollar bills.

“Two years ago, we caught a lot of flack from the city council and some people in the city of Grand Island for how we don’t support the community and we don’t do things around here, which we disagreed with,” [Jason, vice president] Hornady said.

He said those comments about the company not being supportive of the community “kind of hurt our feelings.”

“We give out a pretty substantial bonus to all of our employees every year on or around June 15,” Hornady said.
He said a couple of years ago, his father, Steve Hornady, president of the company, decided to give part of their employees’ bonuses in the form of $1 coins and ask them to spend it in Grand Island.

Using the dollar coins proved to be too cumbersome, Hornady said, so $2 bills replaced the coins, with the same instruction of spending the bills within the community as a sign of the support Hornady Manufacturing has economically within the community.

Oh, and last year? $ $2 dollar bills.

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