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Have a 'sealed for life' transmission on your Mercedes? MB waivers on whether or not it should be sealed for life...

Originally Mercedes specified that the 722.6 transmission was “sealed for life.” You have one if you drive a W210 -- E320 (1996-02), E300 (1996-97), E420 (1997), E430 (1998-99) or the E55 (1998-02). Debate has taken place online on whether or not you should actually get that stuff changed with roughly three opinions. Yes, no, and not sure. The no camp says that the increased viscosity of the new fluid can dislodge dirt inside the transmission and clog the new filter or that there are friction additives in the new fluid that the tranny will not enjoy...

We decided to ask Mercedes Benz directly. Here's their reply.

Thank you for your email to Mercedes-Benz USA.

While there isn't a transmission fluid replacement interval for the 1998 E320, it would at the owners discretion to perform the service. For this, we would recommend contacting the Service Department of your local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership.

Sounds like a 'change it' now doesn't it? We called a local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership that wasn't our local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership. The service guy asked what we thought of what MB had emailed. We said it sounds like MB screwed up when they sealed the unit and didn't recommend a service interval (like they have, more frequent to boot, in cars after the models above). He replied, "You're right. And we do a lot of this service nowadays."

OK, so we called our local service adviser at Princeton Mercedes. The cost of this transmission fluid exchange? A cool $650 bucks.

Decided to re-contact MB and see if they'd cover some of this cost as this almost has the feel of a wink-wink, nudge-nudge, say no more advisory or recall even. Here's the reply to that:

Thank you for your additional email.

There isn't a required transmission service interval for the above-listed vehicle. While it is up to the owners, the vehicle doesn't require a transmission service. Additionally, the owner is responsible for all costs associated with vehicle maintenance.

We appreciate the opportunity to respond.

Experience Mercedes-Benz® wavering.

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