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Matthew Funtime breaks down why Mike Francesa is still relevant

Last May, Sid Rosenberg said to Phil Mushnick, "Mike Francesa gets something wrong like every day." Mush replied (paraphrasing) that the only reason people listen to Mike any longer is because it's a train wreck...and for the prank calls.

Funtime Sports Bureau went one step further. We asked them, "OK, so Francesa's TV ratings are awful but he still pulls in good radio ratings. Why?" Here's their analysis:

The thing to note is that Mike is archaic. There is no need for him anymore, which is why his show is greatly appreciated by people like me & the staff at the Blitz - and still respected by people unable to change with the times.

Before the webs, Mike's encyclopedic knoweledge of useless college hoops shit was actually useful. Now, I can Google anything faster than he can spit it out. He's basically irrelevant, which makes the show great when you watch for entertainment.

And the best part of it all is that Mike is (though it's waning) totally oblivious to how useless he is in modern times. It's because there are dumbfucks his age & older who prop him up, call in, and basically help the show go on as it always has.

Spot on. And we'll add: The one thing Mike still does better than anyone is his opening monologue. You try to come up with that much dialogue, with 1/2 a day lead time, and deliver it sans notes. Yeah, even with his talking style which, oddly enough, is the most uneducated sounding dialogue in the business. Yes, even worse than Joe Benigno.

How 'bout that?

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