Worrying just enough, Keyshawn Johnson went on the Michael Kay show for the Boomer Esiason counterattack | Bob's Blitz

Worrying just enough, Keyshawn Johnson went on the Michael Kay show for the Boomer Esiason counterattack

Earlier today Boomer Esiason compared Wayne Chrebet to Keyshawn Johnson:

“I just hated the fact that Keyshawn Johnson called him the mascot of the Jets,” Boomer said. “Totally disrespectful. If you put Keyshawn Johnson and Wayne Chrebet in a room together and you looked at the guys, you’d say, ‘OK, who’s gonna be the better player?’ You would say that Keyshawn Johnson would be because he’s more gifted and everything else. But I’ll tell you what. You take Wayne Chrebet’s heart out of him and put it into Keyshawn Johnson, you got Jerry Rice. That’s basically what you have.”

And Super Bowl champion Keyshawn took to Twitter, posting, "If I worried about that trash of a QB my life would be over!! Some people just need ratings."

Apparently he worried about that trash just enough because an hour later he was on The Michael Kay Show.

KJ told TMKS that (paraphrased for speed): "...this is an act that he (Boomer) always does. Whether its me a couple years ago, attacking Dan Marino about not winning a championship, comparing Peyton Manning to Dan Marino on CBS to the point where Marino looked like he was ready to slap him. So it's nothing new. He's never played with me, he doesn't know me outside of a production meeting when he was working with ABC / ESPN before Al Michaels got rid of him. This guys behavior, I don't know if it's ratings - keep my name out of your mouth. There's no reason to be talking about me. Bill Parcells...Tony Dungy...Jon Gruden, etc. never had a problem with me. So I don't know where this guys gets off talking about me."

Johnson then went on to say, "You're only as good as your quarterbacks..."

Don La Greca called Boomers Tin Man take - 'a lazy analysis.'

Not their first go round. 3 years ago, Johnson said Boomer was infatuated with him.

*Update, Boomer responded by saying that Keyshawn spawned the diva class of wide receivers and that these types of fights are like crack cocaine to tattling loving Michael Kay.

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