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Hypocrite Katie Nolan finds mocking Tourette's syndrome funny

Phil Mushnick points out that recently, [Katie] Nolan "won attention and applause for her take on the NFL’s untreated domestic abuse cases. With a photo of commissioner Roger Goodell over her shoulder, she excoriated the league for its betrayal of 'my values and beliefs.'"

Seems her values and beliefs include making fun of those battling Tourette's syndrome.

“There once was a team called the Jets,
On whom you should never place bets.
They sucker you in,
You’re like ‘Shit, they may win!’
But then Smith throws like he has Tourette’s.”

That's just hysterical right there. More:

“There once was a tight end named Rob;
His grammar could make a man sob.
When asked how his team played, he said, ‘They should get laid.’ ”

And the NFL is betraying her values and beliefs? Can't be for misogyny, that's for sure.

“There once was a corner named Rich.
Talking smack was really his niche.
No matter the play, he had something to say.
Until Dez Bryant made him his bitch.”

Mushnick adds, "No word, yet, as to Ms. Nolan’s next lecture on the NFL’s insufferable indulgence of uncivil players."

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