Mike Francesa's top-10 all time on-air lies #FrancesaLies | Bob's Blitz

Mike Francesa's top-10 all time on-air lies #FrancesaLies

WFAN's Mike Francesa's top-10 all time on air lies

10. Alberto Alburquerque lie.

09. Derek Jeter wears #2 because lie.

08. Tim Tebow avoided Rosie O'Donnell because she's a lesbian.

07. I never predicted the weather.

06. I always said Matt Harvey was going to be great.

06A. I wasn't watching the game yesterday, Eddie C.

05. Mike Francesa lied about his Super Bowl XLII pick.

05A. Mike Francesa changes his weekly NFL picks.

04. I wasn't asleep on-air.

03. Everybody from the Mets called Mike Francesa, who called the Mets at the same time.

03A. Mike did or did not but then did see the NYDN top-50 poll.

02. Mike talks to New Jersey law enforcement officials about LT.

01. Loyalty oaths

Honorable mentions:

Wednesday, October 20, 2004 -- Mike ended his broadcast by saying "There is no way the Red Sox win tonight. There is no way the Sox come into Yankee Stadium on Mickey Mantle's birthday and win this game 7."

Mike Francesa, "I weigh 240 pounds."

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