Mike Francesa's top-10 on air lies #FrancesaLies # 09 | Bob's Blitz

Mike Francesa's top-10 on air lies #FrancesaLies # 09

Mike Francesa's top-10 on air lies #09:

Did the Yankees give out single digits to well thought of prospects? The answer is a resounding "no." And there are plenty of less than stellar former players who donned the pinstripes wearing a number less than ten. But that didn't stop Mike Francesa from answering Ryan in Parsippany's question, "How did Derek Jeter get number 2?"

They gave him number 2 because they thought he was a good player...because when they give a guy they think is going to be a really good prospect #2 because of the fact they give him a single number because single numbers now are special with the Yankees and that's why. Now, uhhh, that's what their choice was to give him #2 because he was a good prospect. That's the reason.

BB...Mike Francesa lied about why Derek Jeter was given #2

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