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Social media is "bullshit" and Kate Upton hates you if you don't think she's beautiful

Kate Upton hates you if you don't think she's beautiful. To Net-a-Porter:

Although Upton rode into notoriety on a wave of social media – a viral video of her dancing at a Los Angeles Clippers game in 2011 pushed her career into overdrive – she isn’t exactly a cheerleader for it. “I feel like social media at this point is kind of b******t,” she says. “At the beginning it was amazing and a lot of fun. It was like, ‘Cool, I can talk to my fans!’ And now I think that we’re losing the art of it.”

She admits, a little sadly, that her Twitter presence – with an audience of nearly two million – has become less spontaneous.

“When I joined Twitter it was just me, but [when] you’ve got contracts, it’s so planned,” she explains. “Now it’s about who has the best marketing, not who has a really good personality.”

Upton’s online popularity has also proven to be a double-edged sword: at first, she says, it was “really hard” to deal with the scrutiny. “Because I actually cared what people thought. The only thing I do for other people now is cook,” she laughs. “That’s the only place in my life where I care what they think.”

It took her a long time to stop reading comments written about her, body or otherwise; now, she turns a blind eye. “I’ve heard people say, you put yourself in that position to be judged. But no,” she waves a finger, “I put myself in that position because I really liked that photographer, I wanted to do that piece of work. Not to be judged. The internet can be horrible, so I just don’t look at it anymore.” She pauses, then adds: “But maybe a little hate is good for me. Because if I’m in a spot where everyone loves me, I won’t try as hard.”

Good riddance. These may be the least muscular arms in the business. And if a professional model doesn't feel they're in the 'position to be judged' ... watch Ms. Upton disappear.

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