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Boomer Esiason says Mike Francesa has no sense of humor & Phil Mushnick has an agenda

Metropolis Nights Magazine's Chaunce Hayden sat down with Boomer Esiason recently when talk turned to the NY Post's Phil Mushnick.

Hayden - You recently got hammered in The New York Post for making fun of a woman who got hit with a foul ball at a ballgame.

Esiason - The New York Post’s Phil Mushnick has his own agenda. I say this all the time…if you go to a baseball/hockey game, you have to pay attention to the game. Mushnick took Craig’s commentary, my self-accountability, molded them together and used my name in the headline. [Bummer Esiason] What can I do about it? Go on the air and make him relevant to our 2 million listeners? Phil may not like what we do, but our ratings say that a lot of other people do. Mushnick thinks Craig and I are just out for ourselves. I don’t think he even listens to the show because if he did he would realize there’s so much that this station and people on our show do for so many others. We gladly give our free time and dollars to help support and raise money to help all sorts of foundations and people.

Then, the inevitable Mike Francesa note.

Hayden - Michael Francesa has been known to get a bit peeved at your show from time to time when you guys make fun of him. Is it just a case of having no sense of humor?

Esiason - No, but that’s what makes it so much funnier. He embraces a lot of what we do on the air, but he’s set in his ways so what are you going to do? As soon as the show went to number one, the lid came off of Craig and it’s been a riot ever since. I can’t tell you how hard he makes me laugh. We can sit in that studio with nothing going on in sports and do the best show of the year. It really does become a rip fest of sorts between the two of us.

Hayden - Have you ever had a problem with Michael yourself?

Esiason - I used to do the Mike and the Mad Dog Show once a week when I played for the Jets. The only time I got seriously mad was when Mike likened Leon Hess to the Dudley Moore character in “Arthur”. That really made me mad because Leon Hess was not only a World War II vet he had given millions of dollars to charity. Leon was like my grandfather. He wasn’t the greatest owner in the world and he made some crazy decisions, but as a human being he was amazing.

Interesting - Craig Carton also has used the agenda quip against Mushnick.

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