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'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' Disgusted by 'Boomer & Carton'

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver got around to discussing paid family leave in the US.

John decided to quote Boomer & Carton and take a shot. But not before, or as well, as Matthew Funtime did:

I could see this slipping past Mongo Nation, because B&C's audience is basically comprised of intellectually defective drones, and this show puts out competent, sober yet hilarious, liberal distillations on huge problems this country faces.

Herein, he talks about the ridiculously unfair maternity leave standards we have in this capitalist shit-pile, and rightfully, is disgusted by Boomer & Carton's frat-boy posturing.

Green card holding pablum puker doesn't know how easy it is to convince women in the country to have scheduled c-sections.

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