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Mike Francesa may be a fat, lazy, uneducated, cowardly fool but...

It was yet another week of Mike Francesa lazily touting favorites like he's got inside information and sweating in the elevator. Phil Mushnick sums up:

Given that he regularly turns big favorites into blowout losers, you would think Mike Francesa would get out of the know-it-all tout business. But he soldiers on, pretending, only to himself, he always is right!

Last week: The Yankees will slam the Blue Jays; Mark Buehrle never beats the Yanks. Buehrle went five, allowed one run, got the win, 5-1 final.

On to hockey, where Montreal, down 3-0 in its series against Tampa Bay, lost Game 3 with one second left. So with Game 4 in Florida, the Habs devastated, Francesa declared it over, a sweep!

Though they had scored just four goals in the first three against the Lightning and had lost eight straight to them, the Canadiens won, 6-2!

And though he bullies callers, while interviewing Pedro Martinez [in a fat guy suit] he didn’t have the guts to tell him that when Martinez was a Met, he bashed him for faking an injury. (Martinez underwent surgery two days later.)

Nor did he have the time, after the NFL draft, to review his authoritative touts, all of them a pile of bad-guess, bogus nonsense.

Mike typically will have a guest in that he's been critical about and will bring up the criticism in the form of, "People say you..." In 2006, Martinez struggled through short starts due to a torn tendon in his calf in addition to toe and hip issues. Noted hard core athlete Francesa proclaimed that Pedro was faking it. And then Martinez had rotator cuff surgery in September.

Oh, and game 5? Habs win again, 2-1.

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