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Phil Mushnick subtly rips WFAN's advertising practices

For a while now we've pointed out some deep seeded problems with advertising on NY's WFAN. Having Rick Stacy read for New York Hair MD as if he worked at WFAN devolved into WFAN Dir of Creative Services and Rick Stacy replacement hair plug endorser Zach Martin (above) claiming 'just a few weeks ago' he had the procedure and his results (above) were great! That ad also ceased before returning again later with no change to the '2 weeks ago' line.

The NY Hair MD campaign got so comical that Mike Francesa, Boomer Esiason, Joe Benigno and Craig Carton all got involved.

Other questionable ads on the FAN over the past few months include Carton only eating one type of sausage (ever), Benigno's razors, Carton touting 7-Eleven's piping hot coffee while he's drinking another brand at the very time he's reading the copy.

And never forget Evan Roberts admitting to riding an NYC illegal electric bike and advising listeners to join him in doing so.

He's done it before and he's done it again:

Craig Carton must share garage space with Floyd Mayweather. Seems every time we tune to WFAN, Carton’s heard giving his highly personal endorsement of a different auto dealer.

Indeed. Actually one could hear CC state "I've always trusted Edmunds for their car reviews" on 660 AND other hosts read the very same line on other non-WFAN stations to boot.

Oh good must the donate your car charity companies be doing to be able to afford all those commercials? Very good indeed.

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