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Keith Olbermann's Career Timeline

Ken Fang has put together The Keith Olbermann Timeline.


1997 — Becomes disenfranchised with ESPN and eventually leaves.

1997 — Joins MSNBC as a news anchor to lead “The Big Show with Keith Olbermann.” Olbermann becomes disenfranchised with MSNBC after focusing on the Monica Lewinsky scandal. During this period, Olbermann hosted NBC’s coverage of the Major League Baseball postseason.

1999 — Joins Fox Sports Net where he hosts Fox Sports News. Becomes a host of Fox Saturday Baseball studio coverage and the World Series.

2000 — Hosts the “Keith Olbermann Evening News” on FSN on Sunday nights.

2001 — Fired by Fox. Joins the ABC Radio Network to do commentaries for “Speaking of Sports” which were once conducted by Howard Cosell. Also works for CNN.

2003 — Rejoins MSNBC and begins a new evening program called “Countdown” becoming an enemy of the political right.

2005 — Olbermann gets the blessing of MSNBC and ESPN to rejoin ESPN Radio to co-host The Dan Patrick Show, first during weekly appearances, then eventually daily one-hour appearances. This lasts until 2007 when Patrick leaves ESPN.

Check the entire sad odyssey out here.

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