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NY Post editor Blitzes JPP and Keith Olbermann

Hondo today, in his entirety.

The Giants sent VP of medical services Ronnie Barnes to check on the injuries to Jason Pierre-Paul. The team wants to make sure its All-Pro defensive end still has that explosive first step ... Reps from the Giants traveled to South Florida to see how JPP was doing after his fireworks accident but were turned away by family members. It's just as well, sources say JPP has a very short fuse these days ... JPP, 26, finally received some much needed good news Wednesday: He was named an honorary baby boomer ... Keith “Gasbag Of All Gasbags” Olbermann, aka Uberdork, is out (again) at ESPN2. What’s next for the soon-to-be former Dork On The Deuce? Hondo hears he is expected to sign any day now with Al Jazeera America2. … From emailer Dan Gordon: “I was stunned to read that ESPN fired Keith Olbermann. Despite being a frequent viewer, I had no idea ESPN even employed Uberdork.”


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