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Mushnick nails Francesa again so the latter whined about it

Sam writes, "Mike comments from Mulcahy's on Phil Mushnick's latest salvo in the NY Post. This is Mike's first Sunday show since deciding to take it off the network so as not to annoy the national audience with baseball talk.

"Apparently Mike is not concerned with echo on every call he takes at Mulcahy's."

Phil had written:

So what did you think of that ad in Friday’s Post, the one in which FOX Sports 1, which often shoved Mike Francesa to FOX Sports 2, saluted the departed Francesa as an “Original,” a “Legend” and an “Icon” followed by, “It was our honor to be your partner”?

Based on what I know about their relationship, it was a piece of classy but false advertising, perhaps a way to disarm him as a means to prevent him from further attacking FOX, though why anyone at FOX would care what Francesa says — he’s not known for truth-telling, especially about himself — collides with logic.

So FS1 let an Original, a Legend and an Icon go — without a fight. Unless FOX folks have been lying to me, FS1, as others before it, was happy to lose him. Maybe that ad was just an inside joke.

Mushnick went easy on Mike. We had called the ad, "the fugazi FOX Sports 1 NY Post ad in which FOX, which hates Mike with a passion, thanked the 'legend' for the honor of cutting him loose..."

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