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The Tom Brady / Rob Gronkowski parody "Mo Brady mo Gronk" ...has a video

Five years ago we introduced you to the great Ian Cunningham as he appeared on 'Boomer & Carton' w/ Missing You, the Jose Reyes Song before dropping Rockin' Around MetLife (the Jets / Giants Song). A year later, he was back with Throw So Good (The Super Bowl 46 Song)...And in 2014 -- "Good Job Peyton" (The Peyton Manning Song).

Last year Ian was back at the Blitz just in time for the New England Patriots' NFL playoff run with...Mo Brady mo Gronk featuring by Ian Cunningham, produced by Tim Capezzone, and the chorus sung by the beautiful Jessica Giannone.

And today? The Tom Brady / Rob Gronkowski parody "Mo Brady mo Gronk" ... has a video.


Mo Brady mo Gronk Lyrics

Verse 1

Now.. Who’s wife’s hot who’s not?
Tell me what jock, keep running up all the scores?
Tell me who’s shocked we locked the top spot?
Who goes through mobs?
Who most these press gunna hound when the game stop?
Same ol’ pimp
Brady...Ima move the chains on you wimps
I’ll stop when Gisele watch my game from the blimp Guarantee another ring before Andrew Luck Don’t believe I’ll beat the spread? Homie Double up I don’t play around since Bledsoe lay down Superbowl MVP homie bet they know me now I’m the hunk GQ model, hair Golden brown Can’t no AFC defense hold me down, Billy put me in the game now he wears a hoodie was drafted way low, Flutie true Gillette fans scream my name like I’m Rudy Then yell Tom Brady best ever QB

Chorus -

I don’t know how, to stop Brady it's like... the more Gronk that we come across the touchdowns we see x 2

Verse 2

R.O.B. G.R.O.N.K.
One arm catch on the Top Ten plays
Media agents mad cuz I fist pump
spike the ball, and a Tom Brady Chest bump My genes supreme, stay lean, triple team defensive schemes... I beat that fantasy, got all the best stats Fathead posters, real broad shoulders, make…. plays boy I told ya… Big guys like me…grew too much I’m huge too much.
Jet fans rage then they boo too much,
I guess cuz Rex in Daily news too much
Me lose my crutch…now i’m back
since I did ain’t no problem to bet the Pats where the true players at?
Throw foam fingers in the sky
wave em side to side, all our fans high we got home field and a bye playa please, physically, coaches see, R.O.B. be awesome dudes just can’t cover my portions 6th in a row, another home game in Foxborro, alotta snow… Got the first down kizzatch, 100 plus, like thizattt dangerous on the Flizattt leave yo ass Bitch slapped!

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