Rick absolutely dumbfounded Chris Russo by playing a Craig Carton rant to him live on air

After Rick is allowed to play audio of Craig Carton ripping the hell out of Chris Russo for having no ratings on High Heat TO Chris Russo on SiriusXM for an astonishing 1:30 -- the buffoon host replied, "We have lost, I have no idea, if that was Craig Carton that was a bad interpretation. I'm not sure what to say about that so I guess I won't say anything..."

He then went on to say a lot about the ratings.

Yep, the bottom line at Sirius is about subscriptions but guess what? They know how many listeners Chris Russo has. Just like terrestrial radio ratings are fugazi to the average observer because it's that men 25-54 demo they release -- they also know how many total listeners a show has. And we've called upon the dopes in radio wars to release that figure. Because that's what, to a listener, makes one show #1, #6, or #12...

*Update - Carton just called Russo 'the dumbest guy in radio.'

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