CEO of Stew Leonard's thinks some customers may shun Beyond Burger due to its ingredients list

Stew Leonard, Jr., CEO of Stew Leonard's, joined "Squawk Alley" to discuss the sales of plant-based meat like Beyond Meat. (This comes as Beyond Meat posted an earnings beat in its first report since going public.)

Asked if he's faced any push-back on the long, long, long list of ingredients on the Beyone Meat ingredients, Stew said, "Yeah it's, we try to go clean labels at Stew Leondard's we make a lot of fresh products and this does have a lot of ingredients - I read it and I don't even know what they all mean." Stew added, "So far we haven't seen a push back from that. We haven't had any customers mention that. But I would say maybe some of them look at this and don't wanna buy Beyond Burger because of ingredients they don't understand."

We advised, Don't go crazy thinking the Beyond Meat Burger is all that healthy because it's not. And then delved into that long Beyond Meat ingredients list.

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