CNBC's Jim Cramer on Beyond Meat: Read the label this has a lot of chemicals people don't want

CNBC's Jim Cramer on Beyond Meat ripping Impossible Burger for using soy: "Anyone who reads the Beyond Meat label knows this is not pure. There are a lot of chemicals."

Jim added that of the commercial pizza places, Papa John's was the most organic. To which Katherine Ross quipped, "I knew it wasn't Domino's..."

Yep, everyone does.

Cramer went on, "One of the reasons I worry about Beyond Meat is I read the label and the label is filled with things Millennials typically don't want and Gen Z's typically don't want so, at a certain point, it's gonna run out..."

Yesterday the CEO of Stew Leonard's thinks some customers may shun Beyond Burger due to its ingredients list and we delved into Beyond Meat's ingredients last month.

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