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Listen to WFAN Fantasy Phenom II Finalists' Monologues & Vote a Winner In [Audio]

WFAN's 2011 Fantasy Phenom Contest finishes up in Belmar today. (Omar Minaya? Really? Does he have pictures or something?) We'll update the monologues (click the contestants below) in the order that we would vote them as they wrap up at Bar A. Visit and vote your choice in Or text your vote to 66641 - JJ=2, NJ=4, MM=5, PT=1 & PC=3. (Normal text costs apply.)

  • John Jastremski, Staten Island, New York. JJ sounds like he was built for FM radio. Excellent across the board plus he has the one thing that would separate our vote from (now) #2 Neeraj Joshi - he wants this. He's not in a 2nd profession. The passion is there. So, notwithstanding the fact that he attended Syracuse, JJ is our vote this year.

  • Mike McMaster, Basking Ridge, New Jersey. We know, we know. Does he have enough of the killer instinct for NY radio coming from white bread NJ? Are you really listening at 2 in the morning anyway? Only one $98 million dollar flub...if radio doesn't work out - there's always government.

  • Patrick Totaro, Brick, New Jersey. Would like to see him in a rap battle with Joe Benigno. Knows his Jets - does he know more?

  • Patrick Creighton, Bethpage, New York. Favorite? Maybe coming in (he was one of our picks last year)...but not coming out. Very good, but not smooth enough for a contest vet.

Monologues are tough enough - throw in 200 fat, drunken white guys in an audience standing in front of you and...not really a radio setting. Stutters are more than understandable, they're to be expected.

The one thing that would really make this contest click would be 6 minutes of handling phone calls. Side benefit? 6 min x 5 contestants = 30 less minutes of Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes.

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