'Horrible human being' Tiger author Hank Haney hangs up on Craig Carton, responds on twitter

WFAN's Craig Carton may have bullied Jenn Sterger last year, but today? He battered Hank Haney. Haney, who authored the betray of trust tell-all The Big Miss about his ex-employer Tiger Woods called into the Boomer & Carton radio program today. He lasted 25 or so minutes before finally hanging up.

"I think you’re a horrible human being," Carton fumed. Adding, “The guy [Tiger] paid you, probably over the course of your time with him, well in excess of a million dollars. Without him you don’t have a TV show. Without him, outside of die-hard golf fans, no one knows who you are. Here’s the reality of Hank Haney: Hank Haney’s gonna get to know you. Like a snake in the grass, if he can make money off you one day in the future, he’s gonna do it. And I can’t stand guys like you!"

Click. Co-host Boomer Esiason added, "Wow."

And now the book watch begins. It opened strong on Amazon.com, floating between 12 and 10 on their top sales list.

Haney tweeted after the interview:

You know, a bit preachy. Like the book.

So, which is the better rant? This one or the one on Penn State Sports Broadcast Journalism student Karisa Maxwell?

(*Update, here are some highlights via MSG)

Video doesn't include the hangup and ending rant? Come on MSG.

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