Johnny Damon tells SIRIUS' "First Pitch" That 2009 World Series Victory may be Tainted due to Arod

Johnny Damon, former All Star OF who wouldn't get into a stall with another man (and defended his then teammate A-Rod in 2009 because "Murdering someone... There’s plenty of things that could be worse than what he did."), tells First Pitch with Todd Hollandsworth and Jim Memolo (MLB Network Radio on SiriusXM) that if Alex Rodriguez cheated in 2009 -- their World Series title is tainted.

"I really haven’t gotten to think that far, but if that’s how he was able to hit in the postseason, like he did that year, then yeah, absolutely," Damon said. "Then you start going, 'Was anybody on [the other] team cheating?' There’s just so many different factors that determine if a team wins, and A-Rod was a huge determining factor. He was the MVP of the ALCS, so he played a pretty huge part."

Now...let's talk about that 2004 Boston Red Sox lineup. Or the 2000 Yankees for that matter.

Oh and, Johnny's not happy he didn't get a FA call because, perhaps, juicers stayed ahead of him while he's raising chickens.

Sure JD enjoys Alex' blooper reel.

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