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NFL, Create a Sexual Harassment Program & Suspend Favre and There Will Be No Future Litigation: Sterger's Manager [Audio]

NEW YORK - APRIL 28:  Model Jenn Sterger attends the PR/PR launch party at Red Bull Space on April 28, 2009 in New York City.  (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for PR/PR)

[*Update, Jenn Sterger made her first public appearance since August at a Project Sunshine event.]

Jennifer Sterger's manager, Phil Reese, appeared on the Dan Patrick Show this morning. "I don't know what's taking so long here," Reese said of the NFL's investigation. "We have done everything to assist the investigation. We have gone above and beyond. We've been told the league is going to do the right thing."

And Phil said that up until the Peter King report on Sunday indicating that the NFL would not suspend Brett Favre, he was 99% sure that the NFL was going to do the right thing. Now he's 99% sure that they are not going to do the right thing.


Jenn was advised at the time of the events that going to the New York Jets with the harassment story would have probably meant losing her job. So she did not.

If the NFL does the right thing with the preponderance of evidence against Favre regarding charges he sexually harassed Sterger, case closed. "If the commissioner suspends Favre and puts a program in place to prevent it from happening again...100 percent, Jenn would not pursue any litigation against Favre, against the Jets, against the NFL. Nothing. All she wants to do is clear her name. This is not about money," Reese said.

*Update - ESPN is running a ticker that indicates "Jenn Sterger's public relations manager Phil Reese tells's Dan Patrick Show that Sterger would not pursue litigation against Vikings QB Brett Favre or Jets if NFL suspends Favre." ESPN completely missing the point that Jenn wants the creation of a program within the NFL that works to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace for the betterment of all employees going forward.

Reese addressed the fact that Jenn texted the QB's number at one point. In 2008, Jenn was receiving creepy texts purported to be from Brett. She had no idea at the time if they were actually from him or if this was some sort of prank. However, Favre would often stare her down when they passed each other at work. A bizarre, creepy stare. So Sterger replied to one of the texts with something like "If this is you, the least you could do is smile instead of giving me that creepy stare every time that you pass by."

Later, in the tunnel that lead to the field at Giants Stadium, Favre passed Sterger.

The quarterback removed his helmet and gave her a big, forced smile. A person who was with her at the time said, "Whoa that was weird..." That witness testified before the NFL two weeks ago, corroborating Sterger's story on the matter.

Bus Cook - the night before the Deadspin story broke - had a conversation with Reese. "He [Cook] asked me is there a specific figure that you had in mind to make this go away," Reese indicated.

Reese concluded that Sterger has "provided extensive evidence that irrefutably proves there was harassment. No matter what happens Jenn has all legal remedies, including going public...if the NFL doesn't clear her name."

Proof he was the sender of texts, NFL? Would seem like a yes just based on the few facts available publically. And the Sterger offer? Too generous. In our opinion it seems as if the Jets, the NFL, and, obviously, Brett Favre are all culpable here. 90 some percent of sexual harassment cases end in some sort of monetary compensation. That should be the case here...but it seems as if Jennifer is taking the high road.

Is Roger Goodell's team focused on the facts - or are they focused on 300...?

And, you might recall, Patrick reported in early November that his sources told him that the Jets knew all about the harassment back in '08.

Your move Roger. Acutally, it's been your move for some time.

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